Monthly Archives: February 2011

I Made a Song

As my guitar lesson a couple of weeks ago we made a song! I brought a bunch of riff ideas to class and together with my guitar teacher I arranged them into a song. It was a real eye-opener even though the result was just a draft with a lot of cut-and-paste cheating. Since then […]

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The Kübler-Ross Model for Recording

All who have seen the Simpsons know of the Kübler-Ross model for coping with grief and tragedies (denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance). I go through a similar process (albeit a bit more positive) each time I record my playing: 1) Expectation – during the actual recording session spirits are usually high, and it always sounds good […]

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SoundCloud – the Best Cloud Service for Music

There are numerous ways to share your track – from communities like MySpace, SoundClick and Reverbnation to file sharing services such as DropBox or Sprend. And then there’s something in between – SoundCloud! Being both is an advantage and a drawback. Let’s start on the plus side. SoundCloud is really good because of: Modern technology: the […]

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An iPad Control Surface for Your Home Studio


One of the most characteristic pieces of equipment in a studio is the gigantic control surface with a lever for each track. It might not be the first thing you put in your bedroom though. There are smaller control surfaces for home use, but they still take up space and cost at least €150 (and […]

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Practice, Practice a Lot, Practice Correctly

I stumbled across an interesting post at about practice (originally from The really short summary is that it’s about how to achieve quality when you don’t have the time to get it through quantity. A longer summary: Balance between different parts of the practice. This goes well with my own rule of thumb where […]

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Clever App for Keys and Transposition

Chord circle is a very simple iPhone app that is a reference for those of us who don’t have keys and modes like the back of our hand: It also has a mode for easy transposing: Chord Circle is free and you can find it here: Chord circle is a very simple iPhone app that […]

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Raz Ben Ari – Entertaining Youtube Guitarist

Raz Ben Ari is an Israelian who makes innovative guitar videos on Youtube. His best in my opinition is 10 metal genresin 3 minutes: He’s also made Evolution of Metal, Metal Around the World and some other clever videos. I’m not sure I like the latest one with movie music themes as much, but I […]

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I Really Like Reaper

Reaper Logo

Everyone who makes music needs a computer program for recording and editing. A full-featured music application that handles recorded sound, midi and VST-plugins is called a DAW – Digital Audio Workbench. Protools, Cubase and Logic are popular DAWs. Out of these I’ve only tried Cubase, and I think it is really, really bad. In spite of […]

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