Monthly Archives: August 2011

LePou – the King of Free Amp Sims

LePou LeCto dual rectifier sim

A digital amp simulator takes an unmodified electric guitar signal (usually referred to as a dry signal) and processes it in the same way a real physical amplifier would. There are numerous amp sims in hardware and software, some of the more notable are Line 6 PODs, Axe FX, Eleven Rack (hardware) and Guitar Rig, […]

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The Awesome Map of Metal

Map of Metal

Ever wanted an overview of metal genres? Well, here’s one and its the coolest one I’ve seen: Map of Metal. Every major genre is displayed not only with relations to other genres, but also a description, history and example songs with audio and video links. Did I mention it looks amazing? You can even buy […]

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Reaper Version 4 Released

Reaper 4 DAW

Reaper, my favorite DAW, has just been released in version 4. The makers Cockos are quite modest and describe the Reaper upgrades as evolutionary, not revolutionary, but the new version is packed with good stuff! I’ve only more or less started it up, but immediately found a small but great new feature. The included EQ […]

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