Monthly Archives: November 2011

Advanced Palm Muting for Metal

Palm muting is really essential to most metal genres, and fast alt.picked palm muting even more so. I’ve really put time into my alt picking – practicing slowly with a metronome at first – really aiming at getting a consistent sound between upstrokes and downstrokes, and getting a good chug out of each note. It’s […]

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Epic Review of Loutallica’s Lulu

When I read a harsh review my usual reflection is that criticism is so easy and a sort of safe play for critics. In the case of Swedish newspaper Metro’s review of the Metallica/Lou Reed collaboration Lulu however, not only do I feel is the harshness warranted but the review itself is a masterpiece. Translated […]

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Reaper Track Freeze

Reaper Logo

The newest version of Reaper (4.10) has an amazing new feature, found in some other DAWs – track freeze. Freezing a track means rendering it to a static sound file, the point of which is to save a lot of precious CPU cycles. I’ve done this manually before, mostly to be able to work on […]

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