How I Built My First DIY Pedal

Building a pedal from a DIY kit was my christmas project. After carefully wishing I got a BYOC Ping Pong Delay kit. Although the instructions were good (mostly really good, but a little obscure in two places) and the BYOC forum is amazing with really helpful people I figured out a few things on my […]

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My Home Studio

This is where the magic happens: From the left and then down: Cort M520, with a Duncan Custom in bridge position. Aching to get an SD Jazz fitted into the neck position. Tuned to standard E. Ibanez V320, inherited from my late grandfather. My first guitar. Ibanez S470, tuned to drop C with 12-60 strings. […]

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Photos of My Guitars

I currently own two acoustics and three electrics, the latter shown here: Ibanez S470 BK with stock pickups, aching to be replaced Cort M520 with a Duncan Custom in the bridge and a Duncan Jazz arriving in the mail Schecter Omen 7 with Dimarzio Blaze in bridge, refitting it from direct mount to pickup ring […]

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