Guitar Macro Photos

Some pretty closeup shots of my Cort M520, stock pickups replaced with a Seymour Duncan Custom in bridge and Jazz in neck. All shots were done with a Canon EOS 500D with a Canon EF 100mm F2.8 Macro lens. Some of them have a bit of dust and scratches, but I think that adds to the almost industrial vibe to some of them.

All shots are (c) 2013 Anders Bornholm

Guitar fretboard
Fretboard Closeup

Fretboard a-string in focus
Fretboard Closeup, A-string in Focus

Fretboard A-string in extreme closeup
Fretboard Extreme Closeup, A-string in Focus

E-string closeup with reflection
E-string Closeup with Reflection

E-string extreme closeup
E-string Extreme Closeup

Pickup pole closeup
Pickup Pole Closeup

Pickup pole screw extreme closeup
Pickup Pole Screw Extreme Closeup

Tuning post closeup
Tuning Post Closeup

Three-way pickup switch
Three-way Pickup Switch

Three-way pickup switch closeup
Three-way Pickup Switch Closeup

Pickup switch ring extreme closeup
Pickup Switch Mounting Ring Extreme Closeup

Saddle g-string closeup
Tune-o-Matic Saddle Closeup

Saddle g-string extreme closeup
Tune-o-Matic Saddle Extreme Closeup

Bridge locking allen screw closeup
Bridge Locking Screw Extreme Closeup

Bridge screw closeup
Tune-o-Matic Height Adjustment Screw Closeup

Volume knob closeup
Volume Knob Closeup