Monthly Archives: June 2011

Stage Fright


I have never had any problems speaking in front of a crowd. I’ve been a teacher and held classes for paying students with high demands. I’ve done impro in front of spectators without breaking a sweat (OK, maybe a little sweat). So why is it that I get nervous playing guitar with an audience? Every […]

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My Home Studio

Home Studio

This is where the magic happens: From the left and then down: Cort M520, with a Duncan Custom in bridge position. Aching to get an SD Jazz fitted into the neck position. Tuned to standard E. Ibanez V320, inherited from my late grandfather. My first guitar. Ibanez S470, tuned to drop C with 12-60 strings. […]

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Clever Online Metronome

online metronome screenshot

The web is full of metronome sites, but most just let you set a tempo – basically what a traditional metronome would do. There’s more functionality that you could wish for though! How about an automatic speed trainer that increases the tempo according to a pattern you decide? Best Drum Trainer lets you set start […]

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Changing Strings with a ZR Bridge.


My first and only guitar with a floating tremolo is my Ibanez S470BK. Changing strings on it the first time was quite intimidating, but it was really quite easy. Every string change I keep on coming back to this forum thread on which is the best howto for ZR bridges: If I would […]

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Finding My String Gauge


I’m struggling a bit right now to find the right string gauges for my guitars. I put 11-54 on my Cort M520 (24,75″) in an attempt to tune it to drop C. Lowest string basically turned to spaghetti, and not very al dente at that… On my Ibanez S470 I’ve stayed with the factory 09-42, […]

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Seven String Primer


Peter Hodgson at the I Heart Guitar blog has written a guest post for on how to get started on playing seven string guitars. What’s interesting about it is that it’s not just “let’s play the same but lower”, it is more of insights into how you can use the extra string to extend […]

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Amazing Blog About Guitar Wiring


Sometimes you stumble upon something that really catches your eye because it’s so specialized and so nerdy – in a good way. The Guitar Wiring Blog is just such a thing. How about this Buckethead Les Paul Signature wiring: This and numerous other wiring layouts can be found at Not really rewiring any of my […]

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