Web Sites

A Site With a New Take on Tabs

A web site called YouTab has just been launched. It has an interesting way of enhancing guitar tabs – it scrolls them in realtime with the song (has been done before) and syncs them with a video of the song. This is potentially a great tool for learning new songs. There are a few obstacles to […]

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Cool Interactive On-Line Guitar Magazine

Guitar Interactive

Guitar Interactive is “the world’s first fully interactive digital magazine for guitarists the world over – and it’s completely free!”. The magazine layout mimics a printed magazine with pages and navigation through grabbing the corners with your mouse pointer. Normally I’m quite allergic against publishing magazines in a digital-trying-to-look-like-print way, it just brings the worst of both […]

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The Awesome Map of Metal

Map of Metal

Ever wanted an overview of metal genres? Well, here’s one and its the coolest one I’ve seen: Map of Metal. Every major genre is displayed not only with relations to other genres, but also a description, history and example songs with audio and video links. Did I mention it looks amazing? You can even buy […]

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Clever Online Metronome

online metronome screenshot

The web is full of metronome sites, but most just let you set a tempo – basically what a traditional metronome would do. There’s more functionality that you could wish for though! How about an automatic speed trainer that increases the tempo according to a pattern you decide? Best Drum Trainer lets you set start […]

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Total Guitar SoundCloud Solo Competition

Total Guitar magazine and SoundCloud are hosting a guitar solo competition. The winner will get £600 worth of stuff from Ernie Ball and a premium SoundCloud account for one year. Download the backtrack (it’s the down arrow to the right of the track), shred your brains out and drop your track in Total Guitar’s drop […]

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Why I Love That Nuclear Blast is Using SoundCloud

To my great happiness I found that dominating metal record label Nuclear Blast released promo streams of Symphony X songs on SoundCloud. I’ve praised SoundCloud before, and this is why I think it’s great that bands and record labels use it instead of other platforms: It doesn’t look like Geocities from 1997 like MySpace. It’s […]

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