Amp Modeling

A amplification modeller is an digital simulation of a guitar amplifier. An amp modeller can be run in hardware (like a Line 6 POD) or in software as a VST plugin for a DAW.

New Gear Trend: iPhone Pedals

NAMM has come and gone and among millions of other gear news, I’ve spotted iPhone-related guitar pedals from at least three manufacturers. They are all “single-unit” stompboxes that go on your pedalboard with the rest of the pedals, but each of the three have a separate approach. iStomp Digitech’s iPhone pedal is called iStomp. It’s […]

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Why There is no Ampkit for Android

AmpKit is my absolute favorite iPhone app. It’s a fully fledged digital amp modeler with lots of gear and recording capabilities that I’ve written about before. There’s also Amplitube for iPhone that does pretty much the same, even though AmpKit is my favorite. On a forum someone asked if there’s an Ampkit for Android, or […]

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New Monitors

After playing almost exclusively on headphones I connected my POD to the computer speakers. Not the ┬ámost metal setup in the world, but damn it’s more fun playing with the sound into the room. So I got a used pair of these: What a difference! I’ve now realized that my headphones have way to much […]

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