Kemper Rack and Power Amp Variants Announced

Kemper Rack Amp

The Kemper profiling amp is an amazing piece of technology. With it you can profile any amp and have the Kemper emulate it – and according to some pretty credible sources it does a great job at it.

The benefits are obvious, you can switch between any number of profiled amps and you can profile any amp yourself. Kemper has as a online library where you can share and download profiles.

The critics, as always, say that no digital solution can accurately mimic an analog valve amplifier. The most ardent critics will even say that no digital solution can ever mimic an analog valve amp. This is of course completely ridiculous. Maybe today’s digital modellers can’t do it 100 percent yet, but the Kemper is allegedly doing a good-enough job that noone can spot the difference in a mix.

Yesterday and the day before, Kemper announced new variants of the profiling amp:

Rack Mounted – a rack variant of the previously lunchbox-form factor amp. I like the lunchbox version myself, because it looks like something out of an old Soviet union missile control room. But, of course a Kemper rack version is a lot more suitable for people with rack systems.

Power Amp – both the lunch box and the rack versions will have the option to include a 600W power amp. This takes the Kemper from more of a studio unit mostly for recording, to an alternative usable for gigging. Sure, you can connect the current one to the PA but for a real live rig you’ll want something you can connect to a physical cab and just rock out.

All this cool comes at a price of course, €2100 for the lunchbox or rack unit with power amp.