Learn How to Growl

I’m nurturing a dream of actually singing on some songs I make. Now the time has come, and I’m starting in the wrong end by choosing growl for a project I’m working on. I found these videos super helpful. The correct technique is really important so you don’t hurt your voice.

There’s a lot of talk about false chords. It’s actually false cords. You know as in vocal cords, not guitar chords. The false cords are using muscles in your throat to get the air vibrating and making noise, so growling is actually not screaming at all, which is also the key to why correct growling will not hurt your voice.

This one covers basically all of it. If you’re only watching one video, this one’s it. Watch it many times.
A more personal approach, valueable as a additional view on the same thing.
Three alternate ways of achieving the right growl.
Not so much a lesson, but awesome theoretical explanation of what is actually going on.

Good luck! I’m practicing a lot, who knows – soon I might get over my digital stage fright and post a sample.