LePou Releases 64-bit versions and LeCab2 for MacOS

LePou LeCto dual rectifier sim

My favorite amp sim maker LePou has just released a slew of updated versions of his amp sims and the impulse loader LeCab2. No new functionality, but much awaited 64-bit versions of LeCto, LeGion, Le456, HyBrit and LeXTAC for both Windows and MacOS. Even better is that LeCab2 is now available for MacOS.

Why is this good news? Well, for someone considering switching to or at least using MacOS in parallell with Windows for music production, not having LeCab has been a real hurdle. I never really made friends with popular MacOS alternatives like LAConvolver.

That all the plugins are now available in 64-bit versions is good for all those that use a 64-bit DAW, which is preferrable since it can use all of your computer’s physical memory. Using 32-bit VSTs in a 64-bit DAW works, but requires a software bridge that consumes additional system resources and can introduce compatibility problems and reduce overall stability.

Many people regard LePou’s amp sims as the best software emulators available, and they are all available for free. Do donate if you use them though.

As always, get the new versions here: http://lepouplugins.blogspot.se/