Unofficial LePou mirror

I’ve sung the praise of the LePou amp sim plugins on many occasions. Their creator, Alain Poulain, has always been a mystery. I’ve tried locating him but failed. His site was just a nondescript blog on blogspot, with no author bio.

About a year ago (maybe more) his blog was taken offline. I have no idea why. Since, people have asked me where to download the plugins. There are a bunch of sites that have copies, but I decided to make a mirror on this blog (not least for myself). I’m still trying to find Alain to see why he took his site offline and if he’s stopped making the plugins.

Anyway, here you go:



How to use them?

Please consider linking to this post instead of directly to the files. I don’t exactly own the intellectual property, but I am trying to provide a service to the community.

Also, if you know anything about Alain Poulin or how to get in contact with him – please drop me a note!

Update: here’s how to use these plugins in MacOS Catalina.