Many Guitarless Days

There has been a lot of focus elsewhere for a while (small details such as buying and selling apartments, for one). I haven’t touched a guitar for six weeks. I was ambushed into playing Christmas songs with a relative yesterday, and it went really badly… :-p. We only played songs I’ve never played before and I had to play directly from handscribbled chords on a paper. Having no pick didn’t help either. Some of the hymns (we played a few of those as well) have a ridiculous amount of chord changes and a lot of open chord variants that I don’t know of the top of my head – like F/A.

I decided on a reality check today, and everything suddenly felt really good. Right hand picking was quite accurate, in spite of me not having played for so long. It’s just like when I was getting my driver’s licence a long time ago. During the summer I didn’t have access to a car and that was a very educational time – observing without driving myself. Maybe a pause can be good sometimes. We’ll see if it sticks or if it’s back to old bad habits right away.