Osiris Signature Banner

The Osiris Signature Banner plugin automatically creates an image banner with the heading of the latest post, for use on web sites or as a signature in discussion forums.

The banner image is contstructed from a template image of any size, on top of which text with a user-selected typeface, color and placement is placed at each time a new post is published (or the latest post is updated).

With the use of the image banner as a forum signature you can provide a way of always advertising your latest post on the discussion forums you frequent. The plugin automatically provides bbCode and HTML appropriate for use as signature code for most discussion boards.

Download it here: http://www.osirisguitar.com/osiris-signature-banner-0.5.zip. I’ve just submitted the plugin to the WordPress.org plugin repository, so soon you will be able to install it from inside your WP admin panel.

Here’s what the banner looks like for this blog, Osiris Guitar:

All installations instructions are in the readme.txt file. Good luck!

Please leave any feedback, good or bad, questions, suggestions etc. to anders@bornholm.se or in the comments field.