Stage Fright

I have never had any problems speaking in front of a crowd. I’ve been a teacher and held classes for paying students with high demands. I’ve done impro in front of spectators without breaking a sweat (OK, maybe a little sweat). So why is it that I get nervous playing guitar with an audience? Every time I go into a guitar store to try out a guitar it’s the same thing:

Hell, I even get half as good as I usually am by just playing rec in my DAW without anyone else present… Why? I know I don’t get it as much from musicians playing other instruments, it’s being judged by guitarists (in my own head) that’s the problem. I think this relates a bit to why I started playing quite late…

I’m looking for a band to join now. I think that would be a good first step to getting over this stage fright, all too common in bedroom guitarists (and I’d really like to start playing together with others).