Make a Backtrack from a Guitar Pro File

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There are numerous sites for backtracks (like and, i.e. songs with no guitar tracks that allow you to jam over them yourself or make a cover of a known song. The best backtracks are originals with all other tracks, even vocals. These are quite hard to come by as no artists (at least […]

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Howto: Read Tabs

PM| ¬† PM| a E E E E E E E E +E. T T Q +Q. E |——————-|———————–| |—–7—–8—–5-|-(5)—–0—(0)——-| |—–7—–7—–6-|-(6)—x—————| |—–7—–7—–7-|-(7)-x—————–| |-7s5—5-5—5-5—|———————–| |——————-|——————-0—| Guitar tabs are god’s gift to the guitarist! So much easier than regular notation and in addition shows more than notation – harmonics, palm mutes etc. Harmony Central has a really […]

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