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Bands: Sell Us Multitrack Backing Tracks

Rehearsal Room

In a perfect world you’re in a band, and you are playing your own songs. In a not perfect world sometimes you’re in a band that plays covers. In the real world, sometimes you’re not even in a band… I’ve just started rehearsing with another guitarist. It’s a lot of fun, and we’re looking for a […]

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Music Academy Covers of My Curse

The Aaron O’Keefe Music Academy strikes again. I’ve blogged previously about them before, when they covered Cowboys From Hell. Looking back I can say I would have seriously considered going to a school with triple rectos as their standard gear :-).

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Sunday Night Queensrÿche Cover

Glenn de Laune is awesome at getting great tones out of digital stuff, such as the Pod X3. This is a really impressive Queensrÿche cover where he plays all instruments and even sings himself. The ultimate bedroom guitarist?

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A Video!

Involuntary hiatus – again. And when I finally had some free time yesterday the high E string broke, and unfortunately changing strings was a bit too much work to fit into the practice session (ZR bridge). So I’m posting a video a made a month ago instead: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IUdKEgYB2MA My first video! I’ve decided I’m going to […]

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