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Changing Strings with a ZR Bridge.

My first and only guitar with a floating tremolo is my Ibanez S470BK. Changing strings on it the first time was quite intimidating, but it was really quite easy. Every string change I keep on coming back to this forum thread on Jemsite.com which is the best howto for ZR bridges: http://www.jemsite.com/forums/f21/zr-tremolo-setup-guide-picstory-tons-of-pics-zrtremolo-48897.html If I would […]

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Finding My String Gauge

I’m struggling a bit right now to find the right string gauges for my guitars. I put 11-54 on my Cort M520 (24,75″) in an attempt to tune it to drop C. Lowest string basically turned to spaghetti, and not very al dente at that… On my Ibanez S470 I’ve stayed with the factory 09-42, […]

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Another New Pickup

I bought an SD59 to put in the neck of my Cort a few months ago. To much other stuff to do, so I haven’t mounted it yet. I saw a comment on a forum where someone said it’s a bit bassy and rumbling… We’ll see. Right now I’m actually more into buying another Duncan […]

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