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Furniture Guitars – Literally

Two months since the last post – busy, me? Oh well: With two kitchen countertops from the IKEA bargain department for about $10 you can build great guitars: More about the project: http://ikeahacker.blogspot.com/2010/05/numerar-guitars.html Notes: this is not my project, just found it on IKEA Hacker. Also, the term “furniture guitar” is used on Swedish guitar […]

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DIY IKEA Pedal board

Some guy at Harmony Central has built a really nice pedalboard out of IKEA parts for about €60. I would build one myself if I had any pedals :-) (the POD X3 is a pedalboard in itself). Read he whole build thread at Harmony Central (via LifeHacker via IkeaHacker).

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