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Songs That Sound Like Other Songs

When I come up with an amazing riff, I pull out my phone and record it immediately using SoundCloud (I hum or sing or something) and then I map them out on the fretboard when I have more time. Frighteningly often I realize it’s a Metallica riff I’ve hummed :-/ At least I’m not alone:

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Blown Away by AmpKit

AmpKit is an iPhone-app for amp simulation and effects. In short, all you need (short of a chord) to transform you phone into a full-feature digital guitar rig like a POD or Boss GT. You connect your guitar using an adapter that fits into the headset port, like the iRig eller AmpKit Link, and you’re ready […]

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A Video!

Involuntary hiatus – again. And when I finally had some free time yesterday the high E string broke, and unfortunately changing strings was a bit too much work to fit into the practice session (ZR bridge). So I’m posting a video a made a month ago instead: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IUdKEgYB2MA My first video! I’ve decided I’m going to […]

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