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10 Great Gift Tips for Guitarists

Christmas is approaching, and if you have guitarists in your midst here are some great gift tips. Most of them require you know the reciever and some of his/her gear preferences (but don’t all great gifts build on knowledge of the person?). 1. Guitar Strap To be able to stand up and play, you need […]

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Advanced Palm Muting for Metal

Palm muting is really essential to most metal genres, and fast alt.picked palm muting even more so. I’ve really put time into my alt picking – practicing slowly with a metronome at first – really aiming at getting a consistent sound between upstrokes and downstrokes, and getting a good chug out of each note. It’s […]

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Clever Online Metronome

online metronome screenshot

The web is full of metronome sites, but most just let you set a tempo – basically what a traditional metronome would do. There’s more functionality that you could wish for though! How about an automatic speed trainer that increases the tempo according to a pattern you decide? ´╗┐Best Drum Trainer lets you set start […]

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Will I become good before I die?

Often times when playing or practicing feels tedious you refer to it as having lost your motivation. I found a very insightful post on Ultimate Guitar about this – and that the obstacle might actually be something else. What if you are actually getting scared? Scared of that you are wasting your time put into […]

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Practice, Practice a Lot, Practice Correctly

I stumbled across an interesting┬ápost at Metalguitarist.org about practice (originally from jamplay.com). The really short summary is that it’s about how to achieve quality when you don’t have the time to get it through quantity. A longer summary: Balance between different parts of the practice. This goes well with my own rule of thumb where […]

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