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My Home Studio

This is where the magic happens: From the left and then down: Cort M520, with a Duncan Custom in bridge position. Aching to get an SD Jazz fitted into the neck position. Tuned to standard E. Ibanez V320, inherited from my late grandfather. My first guitar. Ibanez S470, tuned to drop C with 12-60 strings. […]

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Make a Backtrack from a Guitar Pro File

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There are numerous sites for backtracks (like http://www.guitarbackingtrack.com and http://guitarbt.com), i.e. songs with no guitar tracks that allow you to jam over them yourself or make a cover of a known song. The best backtracks are originals with all other tracks, even vocals. These are quite hard to come by as no artists (at least […]

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Three VSTs to Emulate Monitors

After having found out about Focusrites hardware solution to emulate a perfect mixing environment in headphones I looked a bit harder for software solutions and have come across three with the help of members at forums I frequent. TB Isone (€20, free trial) – VST with parameters for room layout, monitor angle etc. HDPHX (free) […]

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Emulate Studio Monitors in Your Headphones

Like most bedroom guitarists I have my gear in – the bedroom. With a 1,5 yo, the time when I can play guitar and mix my tunes, the bedroom is occupied by someone sleeping. And even though she’s moving into her own room now, I still can’t crank the volume up. And even if I […]

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New Monitors

After playing almost exclusively on headphones I connected my POD to the computer speakers. Not the  most metal setup in the world, but damn it’s more fun playing with the sound into the room. So I got a used pair of these: What a difference! I’ve now realized that my headphones have way to much […]

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