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iPhone Guitar Interface Shootout

Apogee Jam

The first time I heard about connecting your guitar to your iPhone was in March 2010 when PRS Released the Guitar Bud and an accompanying app called Jam Amp. The breakthrough wasn’t until IK Multimedia released the iRig and an iPhone version of Amplitube. About the same time Peavey and Agile released the AmpKit and […]

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Will I become good before I die?

Often times when playing or practicing feels tedious you refer to it as having lost your motivation. I found a very insightful post on Ultimate Guitar about this – and that the obstacle might actually be something else. What if you are actually getting scared? Scared of that you are wasting your time put into […]

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The Kübler-Ross Model for Recording

All who have seen the Simpsons know of the Kübler-Ross model for coping with grief and tragedies (denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance). I go through a similar process (albeit a bit more positive) each time I record my playing: 1) Expectation – during the actual recording session spirits are usually high, and it always sounds good […]

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Many Guitarless Days

There has been a lot of focus elsewhere for a while (small details such as buying and selling apartments, for one). I haven’t touched a guitar for six weeks. I was ambushed into playing Christmas songs with a relative yesterday, and it went really badly… :-p. We only played songs I’ve never played before and […]

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