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Seven String Primer

Peter Hodgson at the I Heart Guitar blog has written a guest post for Gibson.com on how to get started on playing seven string guitars. What’s interesting about it is that it’s not just “let’s play the same but lower”, it is more of insights into how you can use the extra string to extend […]

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How Long is Your Neck?

When I was buying my first electric guitar I made a lot of research (because I always do). Having been a metal fan all of my life I found out I was pretty ignorant about guitars. I quickly found out that there are bunches of guitar makers, and more importantly two kinds of pickups. I […]

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Some Chord Theory

There are numerous sites and phone apps to lookup chords, but there’s still a point to knowing the theory behind how chords are constructed. And it’s really not that hard. Pick a key and start with its major scale, and then just follow the templates to which notes of the scale are used in the different kinds […]

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