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Make a Backtrack from a Guitar Pro File

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There are numerous sites for backtracks (like http://www.guitarbackingtrack.com and http://guitarbt.com), i.e. songs with no guitar tracks that allow you to jam over them yourself or make a cover of a known song. The best backtracks are originals with all other tracks, even vocals. These are quite hard to come by as no artists (at least […]

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Will I become good before I die?

Often times when playing or practicing feels tedious you refer to it as having lost your motivation. I found a very insightful post on Ultimate Guitar about this – and that the obstacle might actually be something else. What if you are actually getting scared? Scared of that you are wasting your time put into […]

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Some Chord Theory

There are numerous sites and phone apps to lookup chords, but there’s still a point to knowing the theory behind how chords are constructed. And it’s really not that hard. Pick a key and start with its major scale, and then just follow the templates to which notes of the scale are used in the different kinds […]

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