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LePou – the King of Free Amp Sims

LePou LeCto dual rectifier sim

A digital amp simulator takes an unmodified electric guitar signal (usually referred to as a dry signal) and processes it in the same way a real physical amplifier would. There are numerous amp sims in hardware and software, some of the more notable are Line 6 PODs, Axe FX, Eleven Rack (hardware) and Guitar Rig, […]

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I Really Like Reaper

Reaper Logo

Everyone who makes music needs a computer program for recording and editing. A full-featured music application that handles recorded sound, midi and┬áVST-plugins is called a DAW – Digital Audio Workbench. Protools, Cubase and Logic are popular DAWs. Out of these I’ve only tried Cubase, and I think it is really, really bad. In spite of […]

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