TSE X50 v2.0 Full Stack Amp Sim in the Works

Along with LePou’s amp sims, The Serina Experiment makes on of my favorite amp sims: The X50. And now an X50 v2.0 has been announce, that contains not only an update version of the X50 amp, but also an integrated Tubescreamer sim (TSE808), a cab loader and a guitar FX rack.

TSE X50 v2 back

I’m not a sure I’m completely like the idea of integrating tubescreamer, amp, cab loader and effects – it makes the whole process less flexible. On the other hand apparently a lot of CPU cycles can be saved by oversampling the signal just once, and that’s great news for those of us that run amp sims with live monitoring. Also really attractive for someone like me running Reaper on both Windows and MacOS is a plugin that works the same on both platforms. Currently the amp sims I use exist on both platforms, but have slightly different names which means Reaper can’t find them automatically on the other platform. And some VSTs don’t even exist on both platforms.

The TSE X50 v2.0 will not be freeware like version 1, but I’m pretty sure it will be priced in range for most home studio people. It can also be nice to be able to actually make demands on support etc. which you can’t do for a free product.

TSE have made a demo of the beta version of X50 v2.0 and I have to say it both looks and sounds amazing. I’d be stoked to be in the beta crowd for the Windows version that is allegedly coming along soon: