Why You Should Use Your Guitar with Your iPhone

I was asked on a forum why you would bother connecting your guitar to your phone. Since you need a guitar and extra hardware anyway, why not just use a Pocket POD. So here are my 10 reasons why I use AmpKit on my iPhone:

  1. Sound quality is lightyears ahead on an iPhone.
  2. Less stuff. Yes I know a hardware interface such for the phone is exactly as many gadgets as a Pocket POD, but it takes a lot less room. And the phone you always bring with you anyway.
  3. No hassle with batteries or external power supplies.
  4. Built-in support for backtracks via Itunes, email or DropBox.
  5. Built-in recording support
  6. Records dry and reamps in realtime. This means that not only can you tweak your recordings afterwards, you can also download the dry signal to your computer to run through a VST amp sim on your computer. I do this all the time, the dry signal I get this way actually has better quality than the one I get out of my POD X3 Live.
  7. Updateable with new amp models, stomp boxes etc.
  8. Supports upload of recordings directly to SoundCloud.
  9. Lets you send and receive full patches via email.
  10. More flexible patches, you can just keep on adding pedals until the phone’s CPU can’t handle anymore. You can put five delay pedals in a row if you want.

Positive Grid has released a new amp modeller for iPhone called JamUp. They just sent me their app, so expect a review very soon!