Blown Away by AmpKit

AmpKit is an iPhone-app for amp simulation and effects. In short, all you need (short of a chord) to transform you phone into a full-feature digital guitar rig like a POD or Boss GT. You connect your guitar using an adapter that fits into the headset port, like the iRig eller AmpKit Link, and you’re ready to rock.

AmpKit has a really simple UI where you create patches with combinations of amp and stomp boxes. Included in the free version are a Peavy ValveKing, a noise gate and a dist pedal based on TubeScreamer. Those alone get you a long way!


You can play backtracks from the iPod app or by uploading them from your computer (or via DropBox). All recordings are saved dry and effects are added in real-time. This means you can re-amp at a later time!

I made a test recording and mixed it (in Reaper on a computer) with an original backtrack of Enter Sandman. Just listen:

I’m not sure you could fool experts this is a real amp, but I’d say it’s the same quality as a POD. I’m really impressed they are pulling this off in real-time on a phone – getting rid of latency on a regular computer is usually a real hassle.

The iRig interface is connected to the app Amplitube, while AmpKit is connected to the AmpKit Link. They are compatible however. Some review have said the AmpKit Link is better since it has built-in amplification of the input signal. In my opinion though it’s uglier and less practical considering you have to put in batteries.