I Finally Released a Song on Spotify

Releasing a song on Spotify has been a kind of bucket list thing for a long, long time. The practical side of it is super easy – just get an account with an aggregator (I chose Distrokid) and upload your song. But there’s stuff that comes with it… You have to actually finish a song, and be happy enough with it to put yourself out there. And now I did. That’s almost a big a step as the first time posting something I recorded to an online forum (but not quite :-D).

I’ve redone the lyrics generator to use the much smarter AI model GPT2, and I’m currently working a new song using lyrics made by that. Maybe I’ll use GPT3 as well and turn this into an EP.

I spent hours and hours on mixing and mastering and I’m still kind of unhappy with how it turned out. It sounds great on my monitors and in my airpods, ok in the car and horrible on sonos. Already remixed it and I think I can replace the master without deleting the song. I learned A LOT in the process and that’s great.