The World’s First Viking Metal Song with AI-generated Lyrics

Once upon a time I discovered a handy tool for AI text generation, a premade Recurrent Neural Network (RNN) that could be fine-tuned on any text corpus. So I fed it with lyrics from some viking metal bands (like Amon Amarth) and created a viking metal lyrics generator. How I made the lyrics generator I will describe in my other blog, Metal Coder.

Then I tried to find a singer, a good growler, to collaborate on a song with lyrics made by the AI. No takers. Maybe I aimed too high with singers too well-known. So no song was made.

Recently I made an actual full new song, and the idea of doing a viking lyrics song was relit. I also kind of always wanted to sing, so I finally decided to ditch the stage fright and try and learn to growl. Said and done, a lot of tutorials on YouTube later I started practicing.

A couple of weeks later, the song is done! Normally I think lyrics videos are kind of meh, but in this case the lyrics are so central and impossible to get since they are composed of a lot of AI-made up words – so I made one anyway. So here it is – the world premiere of both the first AI-generated viking metal lyrics song, and me growling:

The RNN was run at quite high temperature (0.71) to make it more inventive, creating its own words. So what is your favorite AI-invented word or line?


All of the clips in the video are free stock videos from Pexels: