The OSIRIS GUITAR Journal – a Practice Journal for iOS

Three screenshots of OG Journal

Almost every guitar (or other instrument) teacher agrees that the best way to get the most out of your practice time is to keep a journal. A practice journal helps you with planning what to practice, so you don’t end up just noodling – although that is fun at times it doesn’t really help you hone your skills. It also helps you tracking your progress and keeping an eye on how much time you actually spend practicing, which is easy to forget.

From time to time I’ve kept a practice journal using Excel or Google Spreadsheets, but I always end up forgetting to enter my sessions and there is no ready-made way of visualizing the logged time. I wanted something more tailored for use as a practice journal, but I didn’t find any good alteratives that were simple enough. So I created a practice journal app for iPhone and iPad – it was approved by Apple today!

With the OSIRIS GUITAR Journal you can easily:

  • Set up your practice goals
  • Add sessions (and connect them to goals)
  • Upload images of your instruments
  • Share sessions to Facebook to impress your friends
  • See statistics of how much you practice

Despite its name, the OSIRIS GUITAR Journal works for any musician, regardless of which instrument you use. It’s focused on simplicity of use – and it’s free!

Download on app store


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  • Sam Smiley

    This is such a great idea man! I’d love to check it out.

  • bdesilva

    So what’s the deal with the guitar journal? It looks like it was released and hasn’t been updated since.

    • Well, the short story is I had my third child and bought a house, so time is kinda scarce for hobby projects. I’ve started working on a new version that is going to be native iOS though (the current one is a web-based hybrid). Progress is slow, and as I didn’t get an enormous amount of feedback I’m basically making it for myself mostly.

      • bdesilva

        omg three! are you nuts? my two were almost overwhelming.
        i’d be glad to provide feedback, help you test, harass you to build what I need too ;) Feel free to email direct bryan.desilva at the gmail com