I’m restarting the blog. I was pretty happy with it as it was, only one problem – it wasn’t getting any traffic. This means only half of its reason for being was working; keeping an archive for myself. The other half, sharing and getting feedback wasn’t.

I’ve identified a number of potential reasons for this:

1) Poor support for traffic-increasing activities. Being hosted at means you can’t install plugins or add anything in the code. So no including the blog in top lists, no Google Analytics etc.

2) Wrong content. Maybe guitarists don’t really care about the stuff I write about.

3) Wrong channel. Maybe guitarists don’t like blogs.

4) Wrong language. Too few guitarists in Sweden, too small community to run a blog in Swedish.

If 2 or 3 is true, I’m cooked. No changes to the blog will make it fly. I’m putting whatever chips I have on 1 and 4 being wrong, so I’ve moved the blog to be self-hosted and I’m switching to English. If you read this blog and find any of the posts interesting, please make a comment no matter how small. With feedback I’ll continue share stuff I think is cool and useful, without I’ll probably quit.