Why I Love That Nuclear Blast is Using SoundCloud

To my great happiness I found that dominating metal record label Nuclear Blast released promo streams of Symphony X songs on SoundCloud. I’ve praised SoundCloud before, and this is why I think it’s great that bands and record labels use it instead of other platforms:

  • It doesn’t look like Geocities from 1997 like MySpace. It’s really clean with few user-contolled options. You might think that’s boring, but remember that’s how FaceBook works.
  • Modern technology. The player is built using HTML5 and works on iPhone and iPad. All others use Flash players (SoundCloud’s embedded player is in Flash but I’m hoping that will change soon).
  • Great sound quality. Doesn’t mince your nice mix with substandard encoders and low bitrates (again – MySpace).
  • FaceBook integration, you can add your tracks to your FB band page.
  • Timed comments – insert comments right into the track timeline. Finally you can share your ooohs and aaahs over that perfect pinch harmonic at the end of the solo :-).
  • Enable download of tracks (if you want).
  • It’s created by Swedes :-D.

Here’s the track:

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/14027433″]