An iPad Control Surface for Your Home Studio

One of the most characteristic pieces of equipment in a studio is the gigantic control surface with a lever for each track. It might not be the first thing you put in your bedroom though. There are smaller control surfaces for home use, but they still take up space and cost at least €150 (and realistically around €500 for a good one). However, now there’s a perfect solution for iPad owners. The app AC-7 Core is a control surface app and it costs no more than €5,99.

With AC-7 Core you control your DAW, for instance Logic, ProTools, Reaper or Cubase, from the iPad. There are controls for volume, panning, mute, solo, a  jog wheel etc. Communication with the computer is done over Wifi – in MacOS the functionality is built-in, in Windows you install a small freeware application. I’ve tested it with Reaper in Windows and it works great!

Here’s a longer review: