iRig MIDI – Hardware MIDI Interface for iPad and iPhone

IK Multimedia, the creators of the popular instrument interface iRig, has released a hardware MIDI interface for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It’s a standard Core MIDI device and works with a lot of apps already, most notable of course among them Garage Band for iPad (here’s a more comprehensive list, the AC-7 Core control surface I’ve written about previously is on it).


All previous solutions for connecting your iPad or iPhone device has used MIDI over WiFi. But as a lot of people have noticed, WiFi isn’t the best carrier when you want latency-free response from the actions on your iOS device. Although I haven’t tried out the iRig MIDI yet, I’d be very surprised if a hardware connection wont really fix any kind of latency problem.

Haven’t seen this in any stores yet, but with a listing price of €54.99 this is a sure buy for me.