Osiris Guitar – Best Posts of 2011

The end of 2011 is rapidly approaching. A great guitar year for me personally and a great first year for this blog in its latest and greatest incarnation. Here are the posts that are most popular – my favorites and yours (according to statistics).

  1. Why There is no AmpKit for Android – My most popular post of all time. Describes my take on why there still is no decent amp modelers for Android, while iOS has a bunch of fully fledged digital rigs.
  2. LePou – the King of Free Amp Sims – description and tribute to one of the absolute best software simulated amps. And it’s free!
  3. Emulate Studio Monitors in your Headphones – a hardware appliance that simulates a studio environment for when you don’t have access to one. Was later followed by a post on software solutions to the same problem.
  4. Iphone Guitar Interface Shootout – having gone through at least three different guitar interfaces for the iPhone, here’s a rundown of what to get.
  5. Three Virtual Bassists – three VSTs that will let you lay bass tracks programmable by MIDI.
  6. Install Reaper in Your DropBox – I use Reaper exclusively for my home studio, and did a good instruction on how to install it portably so that it’s always usable on all your computers.
  7. Practice Like a Child – Improve Your Phrasing – a completely new take on how to think about and practice phrasing.
  8. Build Your Own Pedal – an introduction to DIY stomp box kits. I’m finishing the one I got for Christmas right now, a detailed post coming soon!
  9. How to Make A Professional Metal Mix – links to extensive posts on the Andy Sneap forums by the awesome Ermin. He’s releasing an ebook soon, review will be posted.
  10. 10 Great Gifts for Guitarists – this year’s last post, not counting this one. Great tips!

Happy New Year to all new and old readers!