Emulate Studio Monitors in Your Headphones

Like most bedroom guitarists I have my gear in – the bedroom. With a 1,5 yo, the time when I can play guitar and mix my tunes, the bedroom is occupied by someone sleeping. And even though she’s moving into her own room now, I still can’t crank the volume up. And even if I could, our bedroom and M-audio 5″ monitors aren’t really a professional studio environment…

One company (at least) has picked up on this and made a external sound card that emulates different mixing environments in your headphones. Introducing the Focusrite VRM box:


This is a really interesting product and at €99 it is quite reasonably priced. My initial thought though was that you could probably do this completely in software with a VST on your master track (and yes, there seems to be at least one such plugin, but it’s priced over the Focusrite box).

I’m waiting for a review from Jeff on Metal Guitarist (through whom I found it) or someone else with good mixing experience.