Three VSTs to Emulate Monitors

After having found out about Focusrites hardware solution to emulate a perfect mixing environment in headphones I looked a bit harder for software solutions and have come across three with the help of members at forums I frequent.

  • TB Isone (€20, free trial) – VST with parameters for room layout, monitor angle etc.
  • HDPHX (free) – looked interesting, but since I found it the site of the company (Refined Audiometrics) has gone offline and been replaced with a parked domain page…
  • Redline Monitoring (€99, free trial) – VST with parameters for monitor placement.

Even before the HDPHX site went offline my gut feeling is that TB Isone is the most attractive alternative, based on positive opinions I’ve seen on forums. The one-man company behind it, ToneBoosters, also have a bunch of other cheap VSTs for EQ, reverb, deess etc. so I’m really hoping its good. I’ll post a review when I’ve tried it.