Once Upon a Time… Space – 40th Anniversary Metal Cover

Growing up, I was mesmerized by Once Upon a Time… Space. This year it celebrates its 40th anniversary and still comes across as futuristic and visionary. So I made a cover of one of Michel Legrand’s songs from it: Hyper-espace. The original is an upbeat orchestral piece.


I was going to tab it out myself, but then I found this awesome chiptune version of it, made in a tracker with all notes clearly visible in the video – very handy.

I also wanted to try out MuseScore as a new tool for creating tabs. There was a bit of a learning curve and I’m still unsure if it’s good enough as a guitar tab tool – it’s more of a general notation software. It supports tabs, different tunings etc. but it’s not all very visible when you are editing your song.

Even though it’s a short piece, it’s quite tricky to play. The patterns aren’t too hard (no big stretches or sting skips), but the switches between the patterns can be quite tricky at the high tempo of the song. It is also surprisingly hard to memorize since there are a lot of small variations to each pattern. I ended up doing a color-coded Google Sheet to see where there were actual repetions and where there were variations of patterns.